Hydration Station is a preventative application that requires user compliance to be effective in offsetting the effects of a hangover, but not to be considered a substitute for medical advice. If you suffer from extreme effects of alcohol, (including nausea, headaches, tremors, anxiety, diarrhea, thirst and lethargy) consult a doctor or a professional for treatment. (Read More)

"...how could drinking water be fun? The answer..."

Hydration Station is a tested and verified hangover prevention application that sends users hilarious custom voice reminders to drink water while consuming alcohol to prevent dehydration.


Origins of Hydration Station:

Hydration Station began as a an alarm reminder on an iPhone 3 that would beep every 30 minutes, signaling that it was time to drink a glass water while having adult beverages.

Insistent on discovering if this tactic does prevent hangovers, its creators acknowledged the alarm sound and went to work drinking water, ordering and drinking a glass for every beer/cocktail. While one of its creators (we’ll call him “R.O.” for “Responsible One”), had great success, and woke up the next morning at 7:00AM to go jogging, his friend (name: “H.2.O.”, or “How to Overindulge”) ignored the obnoxious beeping alarm clock approximately 1 hour into the testing. H.2.O. found himself plundering his refrigerator at 2AM, hoping to make microwaved pizza out of string cheese, pitas and some sliced ham. Despite the late, valiant efforts of H.2.O. to obstruct the inevitable, he woke up at 10:00AM with a skull splitting headache and bubble guts.

There were two “take-aways” from this evening:

-Drinking water for every alcoholic beverage consumed prevents hangovers.


-There are two types of people: those that acknowledge the beep on their phone, and those that need something more.


After this night, the quandary became: how could drinking water be fun? The answer, R.O. and H.2.O. believe, is in its voice reminders.

Hangover Prevention Hydration Station Mobile Application

How the App Works:

Hydration Station has two functions:

– Hydrate Against Hangover

– Optimize My Hydration (first menu)

– Input every alcoholic drink manually and receive an exact amount of water required to offset a hangover

– The voice reminders will prompt you to drink water for every alcoholic beverage entered

– Set A Hydration Reminder (second menu)

– Set a reminder with 4 frequency options: every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours

The voice reminders will occur at the designated time for 1 glass of water
– To be fully interactive with your Hydrating experience, choose “Optimize My Hydration” and you are able to customize your drink type and get specific water quantities required to stay hydrated.

“Set a Hydration Reminder” is a recurring notification (your choice of delivery type – voice/push, vibrate, alarm) that will continue until you are finished drinking.

For both reminders, you will receive a voice push notification the following morning to check in on your condition.

Daily Hydration

Every day you will receive 8 notifications to drink water and stay hydrated

Confirm you’ve had a glass of water and a portion of the pie will be highlighted

You have the option of choosing what voice you would like to be reminded to drink water with under the “My Voices” tab at the bottom of each page.

Also, take advantage of the additional PREMIUM Voice packages for just .99 each!