Hydration Station is a preventative application that requires user compliance to be effective in offsetting the effects of a hangover, but not to be considered a substitute for medical advice. If you suffer from extreme effects of alcohol, (including nausea, headaches, tremors, anxiety, diarrhea, thirst and lethargy) consult a doctor or a professional for treatment. (Read More)

Redneck Ron

“I know you ain't fishin' for a hangover. It's Hydration Station time.”

Redneck Ron knows all there is to know about being hungover – if he could write, there would be a short book with lots of pictures about it. Hydration Station has captured a small portion of Ron’s philosophy on drinking and avoiding hangovers in these funny samples that will shock you and everyone within ear shot.

Redneck Ron grew up in a drinking family. His Paw and Maw drank. His Gran and Gram Pappy drank. Hell, wasn’t a man or woman, dog or cat, goat or chicken that didn’t dip their snout in one kind of liquor or another in a long, long time from Ron’s clan. A family of ‘shiners has to be good at their craft, and there’s no way to be better than to taste your own product. If it weren’t for Great great great…(what’s 4 up in the family line?) Ronnie Jr., the line would have ended before Ron the VI was even a pebble in his pappy’s procreatin’ pouch. But Great great great somethin’ or other Ron had himself a problem of his job becoming his lifestyle, and that meant HEADACHES. Back when there weren’t pills for pain, a man had to drink more ‘shine to get right, but after a while, even that didn’t work. When Ronnie Jr. accidentally blew up the distillery while cooking frogs on the burner, the family took to drinking water ‘till they could rebuild. After a few days on the water, the night terrors and headaches went away and Ronnie Jr. figured out how to boil more batches faster using less money! Turns out, water was the family’s savior – now, for every batch of ‘shine Ron makes, he delivers two barrels of back country H2O!


  • “Hey Ya’ll Better get some water up in ya; you gonna get mighty de-midrated if ya’ don’t do no Hydration Station.”
  • “Time to bring down the confederate flag it’s Hydration Station time ya’ll.”
  • “You know what would be good with this here raccoon meat other than some opossum meat? A giant glass of boiled river water! It’s Hydration Station time.”
  • “Did ya’ll know that God invented water? Hell if god invented it, it must be good. It’s Hydration Station time.”
  • “I know you ain’t fishin’ for a hangover. It’s Hydration Station time.”
  • “I was reading in my encyclopedia Britanica that the human body is 98% water. Now that’s just crazy cause I’m completely dry right now. It’s Hydration Station time.”
  • “If you don’t Hydration Station right now you’d be nuttier than a port-potty at a peanut festival. It’s Hydration Station Time y’all!”
  • “Yee Haw! Time to put down my guns, chewing tobacco and moonshine – it’s Hydration Station time.”
  • “You’ll be praying to the porcelain God if you don’t Hydration Station. Martha, pass me my hemorrhoid cream. Good lord I’m flarin’ up!”
  • “Drink some water and then I want you to squeal like a pig! It’s Hydration Station time.”
  • “If your horse drinks all your water, just dig a hole until you reach some more water. It ain’t rocket surgery! It’ll be a little dirty but at least you’ll get your Hydration Station on.”
  • “Being hungover is awful! Drinkin’ a little water goes along way – it’s Hydration Station time. Martha where my water and my piss jug at?”