Hydration Station is a preventative application that requires user compliance to be effective in offsetting the effects of a hangover, but not to be considered a substitute for medical advice. If you suffer from extreme effects of alcohol, (including nausea, headaches, tremors, anxiety, diarrhea, thirst and lethargy) consult a doctor or a professional for treatment. (Read More)

Success Stories

I was in New Orleans on Bourbon St. a couple of weeks ago for a bachelors party and decided to try Hydration Station because I knew I’d be going out for 3 days straight. My buddies thought the concept of consulting with my phone to drink water was ridiculous on the first day, but everyone agreed that the voices were hilarious. When I woke up on the second day and looked around, it was as if the hotel room was a crime scene, and I was the only survivor. I had breakfast and explored the city for a couple of hours before everyone else finally started waking up. They all took one look at me and downloaded the App on the spot. Now it is the only App on my phone that I leave on 24/7.

-John (Atlanta, GA)

Because of my age, I tend to be a bit forgetful at times, and don’t always keep up on drinking water as my doctor has advised. The last time my daughter came home from college, she took my phone and put this App on it to remind me to drink 8 glasses of water a day. It used to be a chore to stay on top of drinking water, but now I enjoy listening to the silly voices, and look forward to my next notification!

-Elise (Chicago, Ill)